FAQs – if it’s not here, ask us!

My child is only 5, is that too young?
No, we can work with children at nursery level, it’s no problem.

I’m an adult, is your tuition only for school children or can you help me too?
Yes, we can tutor all ages. We have tutored adults in a variety of subjects from Japanese Conversation to Civil Service entrance exams.

What subjects do you offer?
See our subjects page.

I would like a male tutor/I would like a female tutor.
We will always do our best to meet your requirements, but sometimes (e.g. tutor availability) this is not possible.

Do  you contact the school?
No, this is a private arrangement. If you wish to involve the school, we will be happy  to work together  with them.

Is there a contract?
No. Tuition is for as long or as short a period as required and you can stop at any time. All we ask is 24 hours notice given to the tutor.

How do I pay?
You pay the tutor at the time of each lesson.

Do you charge a registration fee?
No, you only pay for the tutorials you have. You pay this directly to the tutor.

Can you tutor more than one subject at a time, e.g. Maths and English?
We can do this at Primary level, but at Secondary level and above, tutors are specialists in their subject.

Can you teach more than one student at a time?
No, our tuition is on a one to one basis so that the student receives 100% attention without distraction.  The only exception is for family foreign conversation practice.

How much tuition do you suggest per week?
From experience we have found that an hour a week is generally sufficient, especially in support of school studies, homework is set. If you want more time, it’s not a problem.

Does the tutor come to me?
Actual arrangements are finalised with the tutor concerned, but generally they will come to you.

Do you provide books?
No, but we will make suggestions for you to purchase, or we can provide them at cost.

Are there a specific number of tutorials?
No, you can have many as you or the tutor feel are required, from a single lesson for a specific problem, to on-going support.

How long does a tutorial last?
Normally tutorials last for one hour, less than this does not deliver value for money; longer periods can be arranged if required.

Do we need a room for the lesson?
It is not necessary for there to be a special room, but there must be a desk or table in an area where the student and tutor can work without interruption from other noise or family members.

Can I trust the tutor?
All our tutors have an Enhanced DBS Check or CRB Disclosure. We also interview each one and take up personal and professional references.

Why should I use Wessex Home Tuition?
We are a locally based organisation serving the South Dorset area, and have been providing educational support to students for more than 20 years.  We know all our tutors personally.

What do I do next?
For fees and to arrange tuition, click here