Subjects – what do you want to study?


  • English – Language, Literature
  • Maths – All topics
  • Sciences – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology
  • Language – French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Latin,
  • Humanities – History, Geography GCSE
  • Music – Theory, Practical – piano and violin


We cover all the core subjects at all levels:

  • Nursery & Foundation
  • Primary (Key Stages 1 & 2 – SATs, 11+)
  • Secondary (Key Stage 3, Common Entrance, SATs & GCSE)
  • Sixth¬† Form (Years 12 & 13 –¬† A Levels, AS & A2)
  • Adult (Maths / English levels 1 & 2)

tutorAt every stage we provide clarification, practice, support, and confidence building.

We offer support along side school work helping students to perform well in the classroom and we can help students with learning difficulties.

For home educated students structured schemes of work are available.

If your family is considering relocating within Europe, we can help with conversational skills. (Group tuition possible.)

If you are studying for a trade or professional entry exam, we can help with brushing up your basic skills.

All tuition is subject to tutor availability.